Have you ever felt shortness of breath in your life? Shortness of breath (difficulty in breathing) which is also known as dyspnea is actually a condition where the air can’t fully get to the lungs. Of course, it can be caused by various things, even medical emergency like heart and lungs problems.

What to do for shortness of breath then? If yours is not caused by medical emergency, you can resort to home treatments instead. There are various treatments that you can absolutely do yourself at home. Now, let’s just get down to it and see them below.

What to do When You Have Trouble Breathing

Control Breath with Lip Breathing

how to help fix and stop shortness of breath - breathing problem solution
Since we are having problem with the breathing, we need breathing exercise to deal with it. Pursed-lip breathing is enough. Relax your neck and shoulders. Inhale through the nose for 2 counts. Then, exhale through pursed lip gently and slowly.

It will slow your breathing down, making it deeper and more effective instead. With this simple exercise, you will be able to release the air that gets trapped in the lungs too. Do it whenever you have short breath and you will find the right pace back just fine.

Sit Forward and Make Body Relax

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Other than with breathing, you can try sitting on chair as well. Sitting alone is an act of making your body feel relaxed, thus helping you breathe easier.

All you need to do is to sit on chair with feet flat on floor. Lean forward as you rest the elbows on knees. You can hold your chin with hands instead though. Just make sure the muscles of neck and shoulders are all relaxed. This breathing exercise for shortness of breath should be enough of help. Do this if the lip breathing above is not enough to deal with it.

Make Cool Air with Hand-Held Fan

what to do when you have trouble breathing
The treatments for this discomfort are not limited to exercises alone. Sure, there are other exercises that can be of help as well. However, you can consider doing other things beside that.

One of the non-exercise treatments you can try is by making cool air. It is because this air is said to be good to relieve the shortness of one’s breath. Instead of using electric fan or AC, we need the air created by hand-held fan better. You can control the coolness of the air as you see fit. Give this way a try then.

Relax Muscles by Drinking Coffee

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There is something you can drink as well, you see. For this discomfort, you need coffee to do the job. As you have known, there is caffeine in the coffee. This coffee has been proven to be effective to relax the muscles in the airways. People with asthma benefit such thing from it.

There has been study that says caffeine can improve the function of your lungs. So, this should make good solution for shortness of breath as well. It is worth trying anyway. So, give it a try yourself when you feel so.