Featured Publication:
"Randomized trial of computerized quantitative pretest probability in low-risk chest pain patients: Impact on safety and resource outcomes."
Kline JA, Zeitouni RA, Hernandez-Nino J, Jones AE.
Ann Emerg Med 53:727-735, 2009.
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PREtest Consult develops bedside,
non-invasive diagnostic products intended to:
1) inexpensively screen for life threatening disease such as Acute Coronary Syndrome and Pulmonary Embolism.
2) reduce medical errors and unneccesary test ordering
3) provide rapid and yet inexpensive triage and improved outcomes while improving throughput in resource constrained Emergency Departments.
4) provide physicians with statistical documentation around their their admit/discharge decisions
"The Pretest Probability Primer"

Dr Jeffrey Kline's CME Course
"Use of Pretest Probability to Reduce Unnecessary Test Ordering in the Emergency Department"

in Collaboration with
Carolinas Medical Center
The Cannon Research Center

PREtest Consult was co-founded by Dr. Jeffrey A. Kline, Head of Research of the Emergency Department at Carolinas Medical Center, one of the largest not-for-profit hospital networks in the United States. Through exhaustive research and clinical experience as an Emergency Physician, Dr. Kline has encountered the problems of diagnosing life threatening diseases accurately and efficiently firsthand. His research over the last decade has focused on developing improved methods and technology for diagnosing cardiopulmonary disease. These methods are aimed at improving patient care while at the same time greatly reducing unnecessary medical testing.

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